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I can't believe no one has commented on this post. It's friggin fantastic. I am in EXACTLY the place you described. Found Jarek's Substack a few weeks ago, bought all the stuff, set everything up, got my FBA account approved, even found and purchased a textbook which looks highly likely to make me a profit of $30 or so, but... haven't sent anything in to the Amazon fulfillment center yet. I'm not even afraid of losing some money on the way to acquiring the necessary skill and yet I seem to be swimming in analytic circles, drowning in Keepa graphs and oscillating between cautious optimism and a nagging worry that this entire business model is a mirage.

The answer is right here in your post. I just need to start. Thanks for the encouragement. The mistakes I'm bound to make are - obviously - the price of success. I should get through them as fast as I can. This found me at the perfect time. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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